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Vrbas department:
Sivc Jovgena 71
21460 Vrbas, Srbija
Direct: +38121791420
Fax: +38121792185

Novi Sad department:
Branislava Borote 19
2100 Novi Sad, Serbija
Direct: +38121410370
Fax: +38121494291


The modern motor pool, average oldness of vehicles 4 years, consisting of 30 motor trucks of the following structure:
- 34 traction vehicles Mercedes Benz Actros and IVECO Stralis
- 34 attaching vehicles , Schmitz (20 tarpaulin MEGA semi-trailers 13,60m, 14 normal  trailers with 2,9 m loading hight ).
The vehicles meet all European standards with respect to safety, noise and emission of exhaust gases and have the relevant certificates ( "EURO6" safe vehicle and L-package).
For our vehicles can be literally said that they are green.